McDonald’s Australia Feedback Survey

Alrighty, here is what is happening — you have been to a McDonald’s, you have noticed there is a tiny comments form you can fill out that will get you some free meals, and you’re here. Great! You have come to the ideal location. Just choose the official McDonalds Feedback form and you will be on your way to a free Maccas!

Inform Maccas your comments at — get yourself a free food! Yum!

McDonald’s Australia Feedback Survey

McDonald’s Australia Feedback Rules

Wait! Do not go diving in without comprehending the principles . You definitely do not need to turn up in McDonald’s following time, walk up to the cashier and request your own free food, just to be refused because you didn’t adhere to the rules!

Thus, keep them in mind if You Would like to give your comments and successfully receive your free meals:

Fantastic news! You do not have to get a confirmed purchase to fill out the survey.

Anyways, if you would like to present your comments, the one thing you’re going to want is MyMaccas account. Should you sign up, they will send you the newest things moving in with McDonald’s in Australia, along with also a heads up when fresh specials and promotions property.

To complete the comments form, Here Is What You Will Need to do:

  1. Go to the official website for Maccas ( via a compatible browser onto your personal computer, telephone, or tablet.
  2. Answer the questions about the poll (there are approximately 10 total)
  3. After all the questions are answered, they will ask you to pick that reward you would like from your three (3) choices:
    • Little Fries
    • Soft Serve Cone
    • 3 Chicken Nuggets
  4. Pick which one you need, then login into a MyMaccas account. That is where they will send the redeemable voucher to. You have only given Maccas your comments and are on your way into a yummy free food!

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s, or Maccas so a lot of us today call the golden arches, initially came to Australia in 1971. Yagoona, a suburb in Sydney, set the very first place in the nation. The growth to Australia was created 16 years following the first restaurant opened at the countries. Regrettably, the initial store is currently shut, serving its final burger in 1994. But there is no sign of their success down below.

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